Sunday, April 13, 2014

Firefighter Training Podcast - training for advancing the hose line

This week we talk about how to train for advancing the attack hoseline, and some tips and techniques for operating and advancing that line.

We also reference the Water Supply episode and the NFPA 1410 episode.


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60 Second Safety - Can the budget be a safety issue?

This week we are asking if the budget can be a safety issue.


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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tactical Fire Problem - House Fire

This week a "bread and butter" fire that can be, and should be expected in your first due area.

1.) What is the quickest way to assist this self evacuated conscious and alert victim?

2.) Based upon this house, size, neighborhood do you expect this male occupant lives here alone? Can he tell you where other occupants "MIGHT" be found?

3.) Based upon the conditions shown, where do you believe the fire could be?

4.) What is the best tactic you could take with a small initial crew to improve this situation?

5.) How long will your department be on scene at this emergency?

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by the work one knows the workman.

By the work, one knows the workman.
Jean de la Fontaine

The above quote has a slightly different meaning for all that read it, but I will make some very direct fire service connections with it.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How are you looked at by your peers?

How are you looked at by your superiors?

How do you see yourself?

Answer the above honestly as the relate to you in the performance of your fire department duties whether paid or volunteer.

Do you report to work, drills, and details on time or are you either 1 minute before or always late. Persons that do not show up until 1 minute before shift change or any other event really tell a tale of their values and beliefs. Contrast this to someone who is there a few minutes early and communicates with others.

Are you the first or the last to volunteer for extra assignments? This also tells something about your work ethic and you as a person.

Are you the best at anything on your department?

The best pump operator, the best driver, the best rope rescue person, the best EMT or paramedic, the best dispatcher........

The challenge for this week is an easy one. Take a picture of yourself mentally, pick a skill or position on your department, and strive to be the best at that particular skill or task. Or just be the most professional in general behavior.(Good attendance, promptness,appearance etc..)

As you raise your level of skill, and apply the mental commitment to whatever you choose, others on your department will begin to "recognize your work by the workman."

Don't become recognized as the slacker, door dancer, complainer, or the "one with the bad attitude." Those things easily identify the workman also.

Let's stop making the fire service a job, let's work together and become "craftsmen" working at a craft.

The key to being a good "craftsmam" is training, diligence, and attention to detail. It is hard work, but our efforts will truly pay off.

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Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable - Firefighting game show trivia

Join us this Sunday April 13,2014 at 8:00 PM Eastern for a little panel discussion in a 5 category firefighting game show discussion.



Find all of the archives and video content at Firefighting Today at

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Firefighter Training Podcast - Tactical Common Sense an interview with Bob Pressler

This week we take a look at what we are calling Tactical Common Sense. Bob has 40 years experience in the fire service from FDNY, to smaller departments and 20+ years as a national fire service instructor. I think that Bob simplifies many complex issues and talks about how to make things work for you in your department, and how to consider what is important on the fireground.


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60 Second Safety - Cross contamination with FD Medic Units

This week 60 Second Safety is about cross contamination with FD Medic Units.


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